About Us
About Stone Solutions

Stone Solutions is family owned and operated. It is our vision to
give our customers exceptional quality and customer service with
affordable pricing! Our favorite part of the business is our

Eric and Marie Miller opened Stone Solutions in Hurricane, Utah in
2005. In 2012 they opened the New Showroom, and added the
sale of tile and cabinetry to help better serve you!

Eric Miller co-owns Stone Solutions with his wife Marie Miller. Eric
is a General Contractor, with a B100 license, meaning that he is
licensed to build houses and small businesses! Eric also has a
degree in Art! Eric loves to specialize in countertops. You can see
the artistic flair present in his design! He is very conscious of the
flow of grain in the countertop, and ties it through in the backsplash
whenever possible. He loves to make each countertop a unique
piece of art.

Marie has a Bachelor's degree in business, specializing in
accounting. Her job is to make sure your estimates are accurate,
your stone is ordered on time, and to make sure the fabricators
adhere to the schedule! Eric and Marie pride themselves in making
sure that deadlines are always met!

Stone Solutions is a small company, where the focus  
is on each customer.  We do our best to work around
your schedule!
Stone Solutions Granite Marble, Hurricane, Utah